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Durham, NC
May 7, 1999
Dominique Eade, "The Long Way Home" (RCA Victor).

Sometimes in music, everything falls into place, the planets align, and a group of musicians produces a recording that truly stands out. During two recording sessions last August, singer Dominique Eade and her rhythm section (the basic group is Bruce Barth on piano, Dave Holland on bass and Victor Lewis on drums) just clicked. The result is a collection of original songs and interpretations of standards that is intelligent, musically interesting, yet warm and infinitely listenable.

Eade—who teaches music theory, improvisation and voice at Boston's New England Conservatory—puts her musical education to work here as both an arranger and a composer. Among her arrangements, her interpretation of Frank Loesser's "I'm Hans Christian Andersen" is a fine, swinging tune with subtly shifting tempos that makes full use of the range of Eade's voice. She performs the Hoagy Carmichael tune "Baltimore Oriole" as a bluesy duet with drummer Lewis. Of her original tunes, "Velvet" swings nicely at moderate tempo, and "Warm and Lovely Sunrise" is an impressionistic ballad."

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