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Down Beat
February 1996
Singing Daredevils Dominique Eade: My Resistance is Low * * * *
By Jim Macnie

Resourcefulness is at the heart of this, the singer's second outing as boss. But it's blended with such a sharp ear for detail and setting that in our house we listen to it like a pop record. The Brooklyn-based Eade is both an academic and a daredevil, which is why the "whap" referenced in the Van Heusen/Cahn advisory "Tender Trap" resonates across the disc: Each track makes an emotional dent. It helps that she has assembled a limber crew in pianist Bruce Barth, bassist George Mraz and drummer Lewis Nash, which performs as though the spirit of play was its deity of choice. The power of the singer's pen creates some of the most sublime moments here. Conjuring the sights and smells of a post-Thanksgiving stroll under the stars, "Late Autumn Evening" is as evocative as it needs to be.

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