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November 5, 2011 - Lucid Culture.
"Ran Blake and Dominique Eade's new album Whirlpool couldn't have come out at a more appropriate time..."

November 3, 2011 - Alex Dutilh, Open-Jazz (France).
"Lui adore les tête-à-tête avec les chanteuses. Elle a livré des pages sublimes accompagnée par le seul piano..."

October 30, 2011 - Scott Albin, Jazz Times.
"Pianist Ran Blake's discography includes some remarkable duet recordings with vocalists, ranging from 1961 with Jeanne Lee, to 2006 and again in 2010 with Christine Correa..."

October 27, 2011 - Lloyd Sachs, Jazzespress.
"Nearly 50 years ago, pianist Ran Blake recorded a hauntingly beautiful album with singer Jeanne Lee that set the standard for piano and voice duos..."

October 25, 2011 - Robert Carraher, The Dirty Lowdown.
"Ran Blake delivers some of the most studied mergers of classical piano technique and performance in a jazz setting that it is hard to understand how he has escaped popular audiences attention..."

October 22, 2011 - John Robert Brown, Jazz Mostly (UK).
"Throughout his long career, pianist Ran Blake has always pushed the boundaries, especially as a soloist..."

press quotes

"Her voice was rich and clear and strong in all ranges; she had musicianship and cool intelligence...she had absorbed some of Saran Vaughan's fearsome technique." — Ben Ratliff, The New York Times, 2005

"I was fortunate to hear Dominique Eade in person during the last Jazz Times Convention in 1998. Someone needs to get this extremely talented vocalist into the studio for a record date. If you haven't picked up all of her CDs, do so before they become collector's items fetching high prices." — Ken Dryden, All About Jazz, 2005

"Dominique Eade's shows last year in this same room…were among the best local jazz performances of 2005. Eade's singing was marvelous, whether singing actual words or applying her voice to instrumental lines. [Jed] Wilson's piano work, skilled and subtle, made plain why a guy so young has become Eade's duo partner of choice." — Bill Beuttler, The Boston Globe, 2006

"The Boston-based vocalist recently came to town and introduced a handful of new, grippingly poetic tunes as well as very impressive pianist, Jed Wilson she sings [them] with a voice that enjoys its own acrobatic splendor." — Jim Macnie, The Village Voice, 2005

"Nearby in the West Village, vocalist Dominique Eade continued her resurfacing act...she played with guitarist Brad Shepik on several new originals, exhibiting a wide vocal range (including sustained high notes) and scatting with tasteful abandon." — Dan Ouelette, Billboard, 2006

"Dominique Eade has long been one of the finest jazz singers in a town full of great ones. (Many of the current generation are her former students.) She's at the top of her game these days." — The Boston Phoenix, 2006

"Besides, I already knew who the Next Thing in jazz singing would be: Dominique impossibly versatile vocalist, composer, lyricist and instrumental arranger." — David Hajdu, The New York Times Magazine, 2000

"One of the finest musicians in town." — The Boston Phoenix, 2005

"With her peerless control and exquisite taste and imagination, Dominique Eade is our favorite local jazz singer." — The Boston Phoenix, 2001

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