Welcome to vocalist, composer and improviser Dominique Eade's website. Here you can find information on her newest CD Whirlpool with pianist Ran Blake, her previous five CDs and up-coming events. You can purchase her new album online now at CDBaby. Thanks for visiting!

"...a stunning display of jazz virtuosity. The harmony between Eade's voice and Blake's deft piano work is awe-inspiring..." -The Dirty Lowdown

"Abolutely chilling, and absolutely exhilarating. It makes you glad to be alive. Eade has never sung better; at 76, Blake's at the top of his game." - Lucid Culture

"May be the best yet... ...Blake has developed an approach that is never less than thought-provoking and is brilliantly original at its best. As for Eade, her effortless and seemingly limitless ability to vary both her vibrato and tonal quality, and cleverly utilize intervallic leaps, while speeding up or slowing down unpredictably in navigating a lyric, help make her a most flexible and adventurous match for Blake. They are harmonically and melodically attuned to one another." - Scott Albin, JazzTimes

"With her clear and radiant but forcefully grounded voice, Eade investigates the songs like a diamond cutter, taking time to highlight their unique harmonic facets while never losing sight of their emotional meaning. Blake's spare, elegant backing illuminates her in a wintry light, with occasional dissonant shivers." - Lloyd Sachs, Jazzespress