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Dear Dominique:

I've been listening to you, both live and on CD, ever since I first heard your recording of "Crazeology" on WGBH-FM in 1992. Your voice came leaping out of the speakers and immediately grabbed hold of me, as great and original music sometimes does. As Ran Blake said, you are "[A singer] that you hear once in a lifetime." I immediately called the station to find out about the recording, and the host (Steve Schwartz) told me that you would be performing at the Regatta Bar in a few weeks. I went to that gig (after rushing out to buy the CD at the late, lamented Disc Diggers), and as a result my musical landscape was changed forever. Over the intervening 14 years, I've seen you perform many times and enjoyed all of your subsequent CDs... So the prospect of a new CD, after a 7-year recording hiatus, fills me with joy and anticipation. Finally I'll have recordings of some of the compositional gems you've shared with your audiences over the past decade...


David Foss

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