Long Way Home

The Long Way Home is Eade's second CD for RCA Victor, produced by Bob Belden and Eade and released in 1999. Eade assembled some of her favorite musicians to explore a repertoire loosely organized around the concept of home. Along with four of her originals, she covers an Elton John/Bernie Taupin song from her pre-teen years and songs by Frank Loesser, Hoagy Carmichael, Ornette Coleman, Harold Arlen, and Henri Mancini. Mick Goodrick and Eade have performed together in various groups since the early 1980's, but this is their only CD together.

Bruce Barth, piano
Mick Goodrick, guitar
Dave Holland, bass
Victor Lewis, drums
Cyro Baptista, percussion

Avatar, New York City
August 18-20, 1998
Jim Anderson, engineer

  1. Come Down in Time Elton John, Bernie Taupin
  2. I'm Hans Christian Anderson, Frank Loesser
  3. Velvet, Dominique Eade
  4. Comrade, Anywhere I Wander, Hoagy Carmichael, Frank Loesser
  5. The Open Road, Dominique Eade
  6. Baltimore Oriole, Hoagy Carmichael
  7. Two For the Road, Henry Mancini, Leslie Bricusse
  8. All My Life, Ornette Coleman
  9. Have I Stayed Away Too Long, Frank Loesser
  10. Rounding the Bend, Dominique Eade
  11. Let's Take the Long Way Home, Harold Arlen, Johnny Mercer
  12. Warm and Lovely Sunrise, Dominique Eade

Reviews of "Long Way Home"

Top Ten Female Vocalists, 1999 Downbeat International Critics Poll

#4 Female Vocalist, TDWR, 1999 Downbeat International Critics Poll

" of the premier improvising vocalists today." — Drew Wheeler, CDNow

"...all the speed and dexterity of an instrumentalist combined with the dark warmth of the human voice." — Ed Hazel, The Boston Phoenix

"...the album creates a focused, lyrical and conversational atmosphere full of subtle nuance and superb musicianship." — Jason Koransky, Downbeat Jazz

"...she makes herself radiantly at home in her songs. She wins your affections not by whispering in your ear, but my tugging at your expectations with her active intelligence and harmonic ingenuity, and her willingness to go where few jazz singers have gone before." — Chicago Sun—Times

"Eade has a sleek and supple voice and a lot of smarts about the way she uses it... with a confidence and technique few singers can muster." — NY Daily News

"Eade is one of the most intriguing jazz singers on today's scene. Her distinctive voice stands out immediately. Highly Recommended." — Ken Dryden. Chattanooga Times

" With her luxurious phrasing and soulful scatting, Eade's art is no nostalgia waltz. Her voice is dark hued and beautiful, at times soaring like an eagle over others, gripping their sound with the lusty low notes of her powerful pipes. Like most great singers, Eade makes you reconsider everything she touches as she eloquently interprets each song." — Ken Micallef, Request

"Sometimes in music, everything falls into place, the planets align, and a group of musicians produces a recording that truly stands out. During two recording sessions last August, Dominique Eade and her rhythm section just clicked. The result is a collection of original songs and interpretations of standards that is intelligent, musically interesting, yet warm, and infinitely listenable." — Herald—Sun, Durham, NC

"Is it possible that the always -smart jazz singer Dominique Eade is getting even better? Eade's voice has a new thick-honeyed fullness, and she again gets you to listen to songs you wouldn't ordinarily give a second thought to." — The Boston Phoenix.

"Dominique Eade has a lovely voice, a distinctive and personal sound...she is gifted with a musical sensibility that goes beyond simple 'interpretation.' The repertoire has a few surprises...a marvelously sophisticated reading of the country ‘Have I Stayed Away Too Long." There are no disappointments here: Eade's a significant talent, and I look forward to hearing more." — Bill Bennett, Jazz Times

"...tasty arrangements on a decidedly fresh set of tunes...Wilson, Krall, Reeves and Eade, all artists with the guts to try something different, have opened the door to a restive pop audience that hungers for melody and emotional substance." — Downbeat

" and deliberate, musicianly and sensible." — Ben Ratliff The New York Times

Top Ten on the Gavin Poll, Summer 1999.

Outstanding Jazz Vocalist 1999 Boston Music Awards

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